Bathroom Bliss | Expert Tips to Curating The Perfect Bathroom

Bathroom Bliss | Expert Tips to Curating The Perfect Bathroom

A bountiful bathroom can be the source of restoration, rejuvenation and relaxation. Be it renovating or revamping; a bathroom overhaul can be one of the most rewarding projects to undertake when looking to refresh your surroundings.

We speak with leading interior designer Georgia Neale from M.J. Harris Group to get the latest expert tips and show you how to transform your bathroom into a carefully curated sanctuary punctuated by Meir tapware and accessories.




As bathrooms are often compact in footprint, working within existing dimensions can be challenging.

Consider your current bath, shower and basin placement and how you can combine elements to maximise space, such as tile selection. For example, choosing the right tile can create a sense of spaciousness whilst accentuating an area within its scope.

Incorporating large-format neutral-toned tiles will have a soft effect, allowing light to reflect around your bathroom.


“Evaluate whether your current floorplan is working for you. It might be able to be reworked to enhance functionality and flow throughout the space.
Go for large scale tiles in your wet areas, particularly on the floors, for minimal grout lines and reduced cleaning time.”

~ Georgia Neale, Interior Designer | M.J.Harris Group


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Create ambience with pendants for those relaxing moments.

When planning a renovation or redesign, lighting can merely be an afterthought, often overlooked on a design-to-do list, but incorporating proper lighting, particularly task lighting, can bring warmth and glow and create an ideal bathroom setting for glamming or grooming for the day.


  • LED lighting or directional lights work best when focused light is required and are popular choices to incorporate for both functionality and energy efficiency, compared to traditional light bulbs.
  • Pendant lighting is fantastic for adding style and unique design whilst providing a focal point. Perfectly placed pendants will illuminate and elevate whilst creating a relaxing ambience. Pairing pendant lights with matte black tapware is a popular combination, as the matte surface refracts and diffuses light, creating a moody ambience.


“A big missed opportunity in bathrooms (and, in fact, throughout the home) is homeowners spotting downlight throughout the home without considering task or ambient lighting. Task lighting in a bathroom includes face level lighting near the vanity, whilst pendants create ambience for those relaxing bath moments.”
~ Georgia Neale, Interior Designer | M.J.Harris Group


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Bathrooms, big or small, all require storage solutions, but achieving the ultimate clutter-free zone can be tricky.

If space is not on your side, opting for dual functionality is key.


  • Multi-purpose mirrored fronted vanity cabinets provide storage to essential items within easy reach, hidden when not in use.
  • Rails or hooks installed behind bathroom doors, in particular, are a great use of space, be it hanging towels or bathrobes. With an array of versatile finishes to choose from, pairing your colour palette is a cinch.
  • Under-sink cabinets are a smart solution when short on space. Though compact, organisation can still transpire with storage for those less essential items reigning supreme. Should a floating vanity be part of your bathroom scheme, the freed up floor space will allow additional utilisation. Combining a couple of stylish baskets with textural layering to your decor will add another form of dimension.


“Shower ledges are also a good one, you can fit a lot more than in a niche, plus you’re not governed by the height of your shampoos and body washes for storage!”
~ Georgia Neale, Interior Designer | M.J.Harris Group


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Keeping your bathroom looking clean and fresh need not be impossible when incorporating durable materiality that will stand the test of time. Opting for natural cleaning products versus harsh chemicals will not only leave a sparkling finish but are better for your health and the environment.


When cleaning your tapware and accessories, a soft cloth with warm soapy water will do the trick and ensure its finish remains flawless without the need to replace it as frequently.

For a simple guide to cleaning your Meir tapware, you can view our Product Care page that will help you keep your tapware in premium condition.


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Whilst the bathroom’s purpose may be multi-functional, it is also a space that guests will utilise.

Upgrading your accessories can instantly refresh a small space and bring a wow factor leaving a big impression.


A simple way is to replace cabinet handles. Affordable, easy to install, and with an abundance of choice, this is the perfect solution for an immediate aesthetic change.


Integrated edge-pull handles are perfect in achieving a seamless look, whilst leather pulls are unique, add an organic touch and enhance warmth in the bathroom area.

Alternatively, be bold by exploring colour and incorporate gold or rose gold-hued metal handles coordinating Tiger Bronze or Champagne tapware to create a cohesive look while adding a touch of luxe.


If you’re after a minimalist contemporary look, matte black cabinet handles are a timeless choice.


“If you’re intimidated by colour in the bathroom, your accessories are a great way to experiment. They add personality and lift a space that can otherwise feel quite standard.”
~ Georgia Neale, Interior Designer | M.J.Harris Group


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If you’re ready to begin curating your perfect bathroom, be sure to browse our range of designer tapware and accessories and colour samples to help you create an unforgettable bathroom experience.

Meir premium tapware is available at a range of stockists and online retailers across Australia for your convenience.