Black Sinks – Affordable and Sophisticated in any Kitchen

Black Sinks – Affordable and Sophisticated in any Kitchen

Words by Rebecca Senyard from The Plumbette.


The kitchen has become a gathering point in the family home, making it a place requiring considered choices in the layout and design. If you’re after an affordable and sophisticated statement, adding a black sink will give a visual punch and a point of difference. 

The Lowdown on Black Sinks

Previously, black sinks have been available in three main materials:

  • Granite
  • Quartz
  • Coated Stainless Steel


Meir gunmetal single bowl kitchen sink


Each material has its own pros and cons. What many buyers look for when choosing a black sink is its durability and the cost to supply and install. Often the cost can be a deterrent.

However, there is another affordable option available. In fact, it’s the first black sink made from stainless steel which is unparalleled in quality. Lavello, a sub-brand of Meir has launched a new sink range, offering an affordable and more durable choice than existing stainless steel black sinks on the market. 


Meir gunmetal single bowl kitchen sink


Why Black Stainless Steel?

Stainless steel is often the sink material of choice in most kitchens due to its strength and cost-effectiveness. The only downsides are the scratches and dents the sinks can be prone to from everyday use. 

Black sinks made from granite or quartz can be costly to purchase, but they can also require maintenance that can be a drain on your time and finances. They are susceptible to cracks and are more fragile than stainless steel. This is what makes the Lavello black sinks an ideal choice as it removes the uncertainty of these common drawbacks. 


Meir gunmetal single bowl kitchen sink


Why Choose a Lavello Black Sink For Your Kitchen? 

Like black tapware, black sinks are here to stay. While you won’t see a black sink in every kitchen renovation or build, their exclusivity is what makes this sink a resilient trend in kitchen design. 

If you’re wary of incorporating coloured tapware in your home, a black sink can become a focal point in the kitchen. It can marry well with any choice of tap colour.

Black sinks can also suit a range of kitchen design styles. Contemporary, open plan kitchens with an island bench can create the perfect platform for your black sink to make a prominent statement. 

The Lavello sinks are streamlined to create a minimalist aesthetic in the kitchen. From single to double bowl sinks, there are configurations to suit your design and practicality needs. 

When it comes to choosing a black sink for your kitchen, you no longer have to compromise on the budget to get the sink of your dreams. Lavello black sinks make it easy to get the look, without the headaches of expense and maintenance in the future.