Matte Black is the new Chrome

Matte Black is the new Chrome

When it comes to choosing tapware, be it for a kitchen or bathroom update, there’s a lot of different perspectives on how long Matte Black tapware will be on-trend.

As it turns out, now more than ever, we see that Matte Black is the preferred choice when compared against its reflective rival.

There's no telling exactly when fashion trends change, but many a time, the consensus remained that Matte Black tapware would not make it into 2013 or the foreseeable future. Following that, it was predicted that it would end in 2014 and preceding that, it would phase out entirely by 2015, yet here we are still going strong with expansion across all splash zones.


Due to popular demand, bathroom stores in particular are making way for Matte Black to take precedence and be upfront and centre nationwide, with New Zealand following closely behind. In addition, we are seeing an influx across high-rise apartments, being specified with Matte Black and surprisingly offices in the CBD have also opted for the mystique finish in their staff kitchens.

As specialists in black tapware, Meir is fortunate to be in the thick of it when it comes to consumer feedback and the like of Architects, Interior Designers, Builders, and stores at first hand, and the word on the street is people can't get enough of the mysterious shade.

The recent inundation of interior designers and readily-available media and images (such as on  houzz and  Pinterest) has helped with a huge culture shift in bathroom and kitchen designs over the last few years.
Tapware is now seen as a focal point that blends well with a range of finishes such as white ceramic, stone, timber and even melamine.

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– Marisa Lopez, Meir.