Push Button vs. Ceramic Cartridge Shower Diverter – Which is best?

Push Button vs. Ceramic Cartridge Shower Diverter – Which is best?

Words by Rebecca Senyard from The Plumbette.


In a perfect world, every bathroom would have a separate bath and shower. 

Unfortunately, not all bathrooms allow the space for both. For some, the decision to exclude a bath is common, while others couldn’t imagine NOT having a bath.  To get the best of both worlds, a compromise is made to combine both fixtures in one - a setup which requires a shower bath tap diverter to direct water to the fixture in use.


What is a Diverter?

A diverter is essentially a tap which directs water to flow through a shower or bath spout. It’s often a push-pull button that when pressed in or pulled out, will divert water to the correct fixture. 

Most consumers are familiar with the push-pull button diverter, however, Meir has developed a ceramic cartridge shower diverter, which is a new alternative. This diverter is a tap which can be turned to direct water to the shower or bath.

Let’s explore the benefits of a ceramic cartridge diverter as opposed to the common push-pull button diverter which we’re more familiar with.


bathroom diverter


‘Just divert, won’t you?’

It’s highly likely you’ve experienced the frustration of trying to divert water from the bath spout to the shower rose when attempting to shower. Don’t you hate it when you push the button on and it still spurts water through the bath spout over your feet? Or you look forward to filling a bath, and get sprayed with cold water from the overhead shower rose while pulling the diverter button?

The push-pull button system has long been frustrating for users worldwide. This system is common in hotels throughout Europe and Asia and can be confusing to operate. Sometimes, a fair amount of jiggling is needed to get the water to divert through the right outlet.

A ceramic cartridge shower diverter is a new design which is user-friendly and will remove the frustrations which arise using the common push-pull button diverter.


ceramic cartridge diverter bathroom setting


Why ceramic cartridge shower diverters beat the push-pull button every time

Meir is passionate about bathroom products and ensuring a beautiful and seamless showering experience, and improving your experience in the bathroom with innovative technology.

The purpose of the ceramic cartridge diverter is to ensure ease of use while also adding a bespoke touch to your bathroom design. Its functionality ensures an enjoyable bathing or shower experience and prevents water wastage from the incorrect diversion.  



The spring mechanism in the push-pull diverters tend to wear out after a couple of years, but you can be confident in the performance of Meir’s ceramic cartridge diverter. It’s the shower and bath diverter for now and the future.

If you are renovating or building a new bathroom which requires a diverter, invest in Meir’s cartridge diverter. It will ensure a seamless showering experience every time and remove the frustrations experienced from the old push-pull button system.