The Butler's Pantry | A Modern Home Must-have

The Butler's Pantry | A Modern Home Must-have

What was once considered an indulgence, has now become even more attainable.

The serving pantry, or as it is known today, ‘butler’s pantry’, is being featured across interior design magazines, home renovation shows and Instagram feeds; A growing trend soaring in popularity among contemporary homes.

But what purpose do they serve, and is a butler in tow required to warrant having one?


Our acclaimed Round Pull Out Kitchen Mixer Tap in Matte Black (SKU: MK07) paired with our Kitchen Sink - Single Bowl 450 X 450 in Gunmetal Black (SKU: MKSP-S450450-GM)

- versatile essentials for your butler’s pantry.



Less to do with formally-dressed servers and more to do with space-saving luxury, butler pantries have existed since the early 19th century, acting as dedicated zones for food prep, clean-up and storage. But as our lifestyles and penchant for entertaining has evolved, so too have our kitchens.

The butler’s pantry has shifted from its origins as a practical element of Colonial-era properties, where the house butler would store fine china, count and polish silver. Today, the butler’s pantry is a luxurious space, perfect for stowing away the breakfast dishes, bulky appliances and serving ware. 

Though compact in size, it is common to include a bar sink paired with a mixer tap for ease and convenience whilst adding contemporary functionality. As well as additional appliances such as fridges, dishwashers, microwave ovens may be incorporated with extended shelving and bench space.

More than a pantry, this dedicated space is particularly useful when entertaining, allowing the kitchen to remain tidy, keeping prep mess contained and hidden from view.


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If a butler’s pantry piques your interest but a little uncertainty remains, we’ve put together a list of things to consider in helping you decide.

1. One sink or two? The addition of a second sink can alleviate meal prep and clean up whilst keeping in theme with the kitchen. Our exclusive range of Lavello sinks for the kitchenbathroom and laundry combine both elegance and innovation whilst functional at the forefront, ideal for a butler’s pantry.
The range features three unique finishes; gunmetal black, brushed bronze gold and brushed nickel, and are available in a number of sizes including single and double variations.
2. Ask yourself whether you’d like the space to be seen as an extension of your kitchen, or as a hidden component of your home. There are plenty of clever ways to conceal a butler’s pantry, be it hidden custom cabinetry or sliding doors.
3. Why limit style and design to the hub of the home. Make your butler’s pantry a statement space by considering contrast or complementary detailing with tapwaresinks and accessories. With a collection of premium finishes to choose from, achieving your dream style is only a colour sample away. 


Featured above is our Round Kitchen Mixer Tap in Matte Black (SKU: MK03) alongside our Kitchen Sink - Single Bowl 450 X 450 in Gunmetal Black (SKU: MKSP-S450450-GM)




Now we’ve acquainted you with all the knowledge at the ready, if a butler’s pantry has made it to your wish list, why wait further.

Begin gathering inspiration by exploring our gallery and collating fixtures and finishes to add to your own mood board.

Browse our latest lookbook online and order colour samples to see how you can bring your vision to life and create your dream butler’s pantry.