Five Easy Edits to Transform Your Kitchen

Five Easy Edits to Transform Your Kitchen

Entertaining, cooking and now even working; we explore five quick and easy edits that will instantly elevate the aesthetic and functionality of your kitchen. 


The kitchen is often the busiest area in your home so it is important your tapware has a striking modern aesthetic, supported by materials that withstand the rigours of everyday use. The importance of selecting the right tapware can sometimes be overlooked. However, with diverse styles and silhouettes available it is now easier than ever to transform your kitchen. 

Often it is best to commence your tapware selection process based on its relationship with your kitchen sink. Mixer style tapware is best suited for sink mounted installations and wall-mounted configurations work well with both three-piece or mixer options.

For the ultimate statement in style and functionality, pull-out and ergonomically designed nozzles, in combination with an extending hose elevate any kitchen.

Don't forget, a licensed plumber is required and can assist you in keeping your current arrangement or converting to a new range in fixtures. 

Matte Black Pullout Mixer Tap (SKU:MK07) by Meir Australia


Instantly revamp your kitchen, without a complete overhaul, by adding stylish new cabinetry handles for an instant change and added refinement to your overall look.

Affordable, easy to install, and with an abundance of choice, this is the perfect solution for an immediate aesthetic change.

Integrated edge-pull handles are perfect in achieving a seamless look, whilst leather pulls are unique, add an organic touch and enhance warmth in the kitchen area.

Explore colour in small (or large) measures!  Pair gold or champagne-hued metal handles with coordinating tapware to create a cohesive look while adding a touch of luxe. 

If you’re after a minimalist contemporary look for your kitchen, our matte black cabinet handles are a timeless choice.


A splash of paint can refresh a space and act as the primary design que to support all other elements.  For a perfect result prep the surface prior. Standard plaster and smooth tiles both benefit from a little TLC before the paint is applied.

Remember to always prime using a specialised formula suited for wet areas.  

We love the options available in the Dulux Renovation Range. If you decide to take the plunge to prep and paint the colour options available will revitalise countertops, splash-backs and even tiles. Keeping in mind, if you choose to be daring, seven-day curing is required for floors.

Modern kitchen with premium matte black tapware and gunmetal kitchen sink by Meir


Thoughtful illumination is key to great design. It can propel a room from dark and drab to spacious and light.  

Bold statement options look striking over kitchen islands. Remember, big is better if the space holds high ceilings.

From intricate pendants to LED tri-colour down lights, there are so many styles and possibilities. Form combined with functionality is the rule we apply and usually creates an outstanding result. Our signature matte black range creates a moody ambience when paired with matching pendant lighting.

Before installing any new products please seek the advice of a licensed electrician. They will inform you of the best practice installation guidelines for your area.

Modern Kitchen with premium matte black tapware and sink mixer by Meir


Stainless Steel has traditionally been the go-to finish for kitchen sinks. Now, designers, builders and architects are discovering exciting new options to explore. 

Gunmetal, Brushed Gold, and Brushed Nickel are some of the newest alternatives. They pair perfectly with similar finishes or can be mixed with different finishes for a contrasting and bolder look. 

The Lavello Brushed Bronze Gold sink perfectly complements the Meir Tiger Bronze Round Kitchen Mixer and offers striking distinction creating an instant transformation.

Colour isn't the only consideration. Larger double bowl kitchen sinks are practical and functional but consider slimline variations for kitchen islands, butler’s pantries and wet bars. 

Matte Black Tapware and Gunmetal Kitchen Sink (MKSP-S450450-GM) by Meir Australia

Whether it’s one, two or all five; now is a great time to begin your kitchen transformation. Don’t forget to explore our gallery for added inspiration from our customers and industry collaborators.