Thank you for helping us make a difference!

Thank you for helping us make a difference!

Our partnership with i=Change® commenced in July 2019 and over the past 12 months, with your help, we have supported numerous charities, communities and lives. Founded on the belief that giving back is an essential responsibility for businesses, i=Change® is a platform created to drive positive change. It empowers brands, consumers and charities to collaborate on projects and initiatives that change lives and communities.

The idea is simple. For every purchase made on our Australian website, we will donate $1 to one of many charities supported by i=Change®. You select which cause the donation is directed to. Together we are supporting three organisations doing amazing work here in Australia:


Foodbank - Feed Aussies In Crisis

Foodbank is already feeding over 815,000 Australians each month, but with the added pressure of COVID 19, the number of Australians in need is growing. For every dollar donated, Foodbank will be able to provide two meals to vulnerable Australians.


Greening Australia - Restore the Reef

Greening Australia is working with traditional owners and indigenous communities to prevent 400,000 tonnes of sediment from reaching the Great Barrier Reef each year. To achieve this, with your help, they are aiming to restore 2,000 hectares of eroded land and 10,000 hectares of wetlands by 2030.


My Room Children’s Cancer Charity - Help kids with cancer

While childhood should be worry-free, childhood cancer is anything but. Play-dates, parties, and friends are replaced with appointments, tests, and doctors. My Room was created to give a little extra hope to these children and those who care for them.

Our ongoing commitment to customers combined with the value we place on corporate social responsibility is a powerful and rewarding combination. These values are embedded in our brand foundations and are driven by all members of the team, especially our CEO Rick Bazerghi.

“We wish to set an example for our staff and future generations, to show that success should also mean helping others. We believe every organisation or person that can give back, should give back”.

You can see the positive impact we, through your support, are having on these charities by visiting the Meir page on the i=Change® website.

Thank you for your continued support.