How to Choose the Right Pop-Up Waste For Your Basin

How to Choose the Right Pop-Up Waste For Your Basin

Full Bathroom Lifestyle Image with Meir black taps and pop-up wastes

The pop-up waste is a popular and modern fitting designed to elevate your bathroom by creating a cohesive and luxurious aesthetic throughout the interior. Meir pop-up basin wastes are engineered for ease of use and the range of premium finishes offer perfect pairings with your choice of tapware. 

But how do you choose the right pop-up waste for your basin (or bath)? What is the difference between a pop-up waste with or without an overflow?


Pop-up Waste Sizes

The most important measurement to know when choosing a pop-up waste is whether the basin waste is 32mm or 40mm. It’s quite common for a basin waste to be 32mm in diameter. The specification sheet will advise what size the waste outlet needs to be.

Bathroom basin with Meir black taps and pop up waste

Does Your Pop-Up Waste Need an Overflow?

Basins can be bought with or without an overflow. 

An overflow is the small hole in the basin (or bath) which is located near the top lip of the product. The hole allows water to drain away in the event the basin is overfilled. Hence the name – overflow!

Basins with an overflow hole must have a pop-up waste with an overflow. 

An overflow pop-up waste can be distinguished by a rectangular hole below the lip of the pop-up flange. This overflow hole creates a seamless connection for water to flow through to the basin waste.

Below is a close-up look of our Basin Pop Up Waste With Overflow and Bath Pop Up Waste Without Overflow, both in matte black:

MatteBlack pop up with overflow

MatteBlack pop up with no overflow

It’s a matter of personal choice to install a basin with or without an overflow. Some basin designs automatically have this feature built in. For others, you can choose a basin design with or without. 

Basins with an overflow are usually used in family bathrooms where children might accidentally flood the bathroom. The overflow can provide peace of mind and prevent unexpected water damage.


How to Choose the Right Pop-Up Finish

A cohesive and luxurious bathroom can be created when all the tapware and hardware finishes match. Meir makes this straightforward as the pop-up wastes are available to match with all tapware finishes. 

Matte black pop-up wastes can make a striking look when installed in a white or coloured concrete basin.  

Full Bathroom with Meir black tapware and pop-up wastes


But if you like to take risks with your design approach, consider mixing your finishes. A black and gold basin pop-up waste is sure to compliment matte black or gold toned tapware.

Hardware can make or break your bathroom. Choosing the right waste will add the perfect finishing touch without compromising on style or durability.